It’s Not Just Us?

Wow. What a crazy 48 hours it has been! To summarize my time so far, I’m posting some pictures of the apartment that will help me highlight some of our struggles and triumphs so far! However, before I do that, I’ll explain the title of this post. So, even though we’ve only been here for a few days, the recurring theme I’ve noticed is the realization we’ve all experienced- It’s not just me??? By that, I mean I’ve found that a lot of the stresses I had prior to coming were shared by my peers. However, we have also realized that it’s not just us that are relatively clueless and new to Florence- I didn’t anticipate the number of tourists here! Perhaps that’s something I should have expected, but it was a surprise when I arrived!

Okay, onto the pictures…


So when I bought these I assumed they were pita chips- I needed something to eat pesto and hummus with, but apparently they are like potato chips/ crispy, salty airy things. BUT, they are delicious, and it turns out you can eat pesto with almost anything. This represents the struggle, though, that we have in the grocery store deciphering products and their intended use.


We moved into our apartment on Tuesday and this pasta stirrer (I think) is symbolic of how lucky we are to have ended up in a fully-stocked, modern apartment. I brought hand towels, wash cloths, a blanket, tupperware and silverware anticipating a minimalistic kitchen and apartment. However, we have been surprised by how many things we have found in the kitchen, especially!


Still in the kitchen…So this picture of ketchup, balsamic vinegar and pepper shows how we are slowly stocking our kitchen with “essentials”. I have realized that we all have a different idea of what’s a necessity and which things we should share rather than buying separate containers. For a few of us, it’s our first time living in an apartment, so in addition to adapting to a foreign country, we are learning how to live with others outside the dorm! Try not to judge us too harshly for the ketchup!


This picture covers a lot of things- the 24 hour clock, Florence emergency services and the chance that we may encounter more serious issues than finding the best gelato. We went on a “survival tour” this morning where we learned where doctors, the hospital and the pharmacy are. This was a little humbling because it reminded us all that we are going to make Florence home, rather than just a vacation spot, which means we have to know where to go if things go south. Also- adjusting to both the 24-hour clock system and the time difference has been a challenge- all businesses post their hours this way, so it’s something we will have to adjust to!

We are actually headed out to dinner right now, but I will post more at some point. Sending love to all my friends and family back in the States- I couldn’t do this without you!


One thought on “It’s Not Just Us?

  1. Those do look like potato-ish chips, Abby- I think you wanted to believe they were pita chips. Are there any tortilla chips? The pesto sounds amazing and I can’t wait to have some!


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